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 - FAQ -

Important note about cleaning your plaque.

- Because engraving metal is SOFT it is highly recommended that you use only non-abrasive cloths to clean or dust your plaque. We use Micro fiber towels only. Simple dust can scratch the metal when wiped down with a paper towel or cotton cloth.

How long can my scripture be?

- As long as you'd like. Keep in mind, the more verses you add, the smaller the text - and everything else, will have to be.  The same goes for a short verse, a 3 word verse will have a larger font size.

Can you RUSH my order?

- Yes. There is a 35.00 fee to process your plaque faster than 3 days. Shipping rates will vary depending on how fast you want your plaque.

How do I place my photo?

- We send instructions in the box to help. You'll remove the protective film from the acrylic photo cover, place the photo one the plaque, acrylic on top (NOT slide-in) and pin (nail) to the plaque. The MOD series is a bit harder to place, as you have to pin through 2 layers of metal - we send extra pins for that very reason. When we place the photos on MOD series plaques, we use an awl to first open up a pin-hole.  Slide in photo covers can be substituted at no extra charge.

Can I substitute anything on my plaque?

- Yes. The plaques are fully customizable. Call or email us with specific instructions. We don't charge to customize, however we recommend purchasing a proof with customization.

Can I see a PROOF?

- Yes. There is a 10.00 charge for .pdf proofs. There is no limit to the number of times we will adjust the engraving and work with you to get your plaque just right. 

Can you edit my PHOTO? Blemishes, or landscape vs portrait mode.

- Yes, we are very skilled at photo editing.  There is a $10.00 fee for photo editing.

Will my plaque look EXACTLY like the one shown?

- No. Each plaque is handmade, and will vary slightly depending on how the country/state is shaped, size of scripture and so on. We try to keep the plaques as close to the sample shown as possible. Any swirls or straight lines or floral decals seen are added (custom). No charge for adding designs or customizing plaques.

How can I get a Quantity Discount?

- Order your plaques as usual, and call us at 208-436-2293 to request your discount. Orders must be paid for prior to shipping. Plaques must all be from the same series i.e. all TRA100's. A minimum order of 10 is required to receive the discount.

Free engraving FOR LIFE?

- YES! When you order a perpetual plaque (i.e. young woman's name gets added every so often to a plaque with 24 plates) we will engrave your plates Free. Just pay shipping to get the plate to you.

My plaque was Damaged in Shipping.

- Contact us and we will help you file a claim with the shipping carrier. Your plaque will be moved to the top of the list and resent. The shipping carrier will refund you the price of the plaque. You will have to buy another one from us.

I made a mistake....Do I need a whole new plaque?

- No. We can send out a replacement plaque to you at a minimal fee.

A word about phone orders:

- When ordering over the phone "B" can sound like "D" and so on. Mistakes made with phone errors are bound to happen. Because we don't want to eliminate the convenience of phone ordering, we ask that you understand any errors made will not be covered free of charge. To be sure that we are getting the correct spelling and information we recommend ordering online.