"Our ward has been ordering from Mad River's LDSMissionPlaques.com for over a year now. Every plaque has been beautifully engraved, and the turn around time is amazing."  Lisa Harmon     "I have ordered a line of Authority for my father and husband - and I plan on ordering another for my father-in-law for Fathers day this year. I recommend the silver with black gloss plaque."  Angie Stallings    
"They do excellent work. I have the luck of living near by so I visit often - ordering Tshirts and other fun items they have. I can tell you, they always great you with a smile and do wonderful work!" George M.     I can't find the Eagle Scout awards on this website, but they do have some. Great quality and free engraving!" Ray Peterson    
We got the plaques in time for our district conference and had them prominently displayed in the foyer. It was great to see the young men gathered around looking at them and speculating about where they might serve. Of course now that is one year closer than they thought!! They are such beautiful mementos. Regards........Grant and Penny Owen
    Just received the plaques! Truly grateful for the job well done!!! I love it so will the branch and family! Thank you again so much, I'll be sure to do all plaques with your company! Thank you!  S. Fe'ao    
"Thank you for rushing my plaque through! I wanted to order sooner but life got crazy. Love you guys!" Connie Young     "Not only did they engrave Peru on the plaque, they placed all of South America and pointed out exactly where he would be. Love that!" Jackson Reed    
Thanks so much!, i love you and like u, for being who you are, understanding and kind. Even though I only have spoken to you on the phone, I know you are just a fantastic lady. Barbara
    It looks awesome! We love it so much, you guys do a fantastic job. I know you all do it with love and patience. What can I say, just that I am blessed to have seen your web page. Thanks for getting all my wants done,lol! you know what I mean, lol! I tell you I want it like, this and this or so and so. Members from our church just love your plaques. So i told them, if they ever wanted one
 to tell me. Even gave them your web site. I told them also, that you are just fun to talk to, and very understanding in what we order.  B. Cantu